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Money Market Yields for CFA Level 1 Candidates

In your CFA level 1 exam, you need the knowledge of various yield quoting conventions for money market. Learn about money market yields: the bank discount yield, the holding period yield, the effective annual yield, and the money market yield.

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June 2018 CFA Level 2 Mock Exam

June 2018 CFA Level 2 Mock Exam: As a CFA level 2 candidate, you are certainly aware of how important it is to test your knowledge before the CFA exam.
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We Are Looking for Content Translators

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Win Online Mock Exam!

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CFA Women’s Scholarship & Its Pitfalls

Women’s Scholarship is a new kind of CFA Awareness Scholarship but its application period may end sooner than defined by the CFA Institute.

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CFA Level 1 Study Material

CFA level 1 candidates benefit thanks to our CFA Study Planner with Formulas App, videos, exam-type questions, mocks, e-books & Test Generator inside.
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Top 8 quotes by Warren Buffet

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University Ambassador Program

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