June 2019 CFA Checklist: Don't Forget About...

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Before and on your exam day, you have to remember about many different things. Our CFA checklists tell you what do to, what NOT to do, and what to take with you to your CFA exam. Here’s a detailed list of the ‘must-bring’ items by order of importance.

June 2019 CFA checklist:

  1. valid international passport – for your identity verification
  2. your exam admission ticket – to enter the test room
  3. your approved CFA calculator (+ a spare one or new batteries+screwdriver if needed) – to facilitate your calculations
  4. pencils – sharpen them the day before the exam!
  5. eraser – useful if you make a mistake (no correction fluid allowed – that’s why pencils are better than pens, though pens are also allowed)
  6. pencil sharpener – handy if your pencil gets broken (you should have more than one sharpened pencil, though)
  7. wristwatch – for easy control of time (no smartwatches, desk clocks, timers or tech tools allowed)
  8. glasses – if you wear glasses, you want it higher on the list
  9. ear plugs – if sounds distract you

"Must-Do" CFA Checklist

Must-Do CFA Checklist

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VERY IMPORTANT! About time management in your CFA exam:

  • Level 1 candidates: 1.5 minute per question on average,
  • Level 2 candidates: 3 minutes per question on average.

If you have a problem with some of the exam questions, don’t lose too much time on them because it may seriously endanger your ability to answer the rest of the questions.

"NOT-to-Do" CFA Checklist

NOT-to-Do CFA Checklist

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"Must-Bring" CFA Checklist

Must-Bring CFA Checklist

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