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You’ve probably come to this page for one of two reasons. Either you’ve just enrolled in the exam and you’re looking for information on how to plan your CFA preparation or it’s been a while since you registered as a CFA candidate but things aren’t going as you’d expect them to.

No matter the reason – here you’ll find what you’re looking for – answer to how to prepare for the CFA exam to pass it.

Below, there are links to different CFA study plans, both for level 1 and level 2 candidates. Total of 9 study plans, ranging in length from 8 to 2 months.

Except for sample study schedules, every post explains a different portion of knowledge you need to have if you take your CFA exam prep (and the exam itself) seriously. For example, you will find information on 4 CFA topics categorizations (3-month post), 3 main reasons why you may fail your exam (5-month L1 post), or your strong and weak points (8-month post).

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There’s a lot to be read but it’s worth it (and it reads well ;p ).

Our philosophy is: 300 hours + 3 hours = +30%

What does it mean?

Since you’ll spend roughly 300 hours studying for one level of your CFA exam, it’s surely worth spending 3 more hours reading & analyzing everything you must know about the challenge of your life to boost your chances of success even by 30% (based on our observations and experience).

As an analyst-to-be, you’ll have to analyze information and draw conclusions based on it. That is what is expected from such a specialist – ability to analyze data, reaching well-founded conclusions and giving recommendations.

The conclusions and recommendations you’ll come to after reading our posts should be about the best way to prepare for probably the most difficult exam you’ll ever take.

Also, remember that while studying CFA Curriculum should be your first choice. But if you're looking for some study aids to help you learn what you study, we have some great apps for you. Our VIDEO app, TEST app, FORMULAS app, E-books, and other tools will surely facilitate your learning. You'll find it all inside our CFA Study Planner!

And when you’re studying may the following quotation attributed to Winston Churchill give you strength and motivation:

"If You’re Going Through Hell, Keep Going".

Arrange Your CFA Study Plan

the way you want!

5-month CFA level 1 Study Plan

CFA level 1 December 2017 Study Plan
  • CFA level 1 Study Plan Before December 2017

For many years now we’ve been helping people in their preparations for the CFA® exam and other financial exams. We have observed that there are 3 main reasons why people taking such an exam fail to pass it. First of all, though it may sound rather surprising, some people struggle with maths. It’s true not only of those who graduated from the university some time ago but also of students who currently attend their classes.


5-month CFA level 2 Study Plan

No. of days per topic
  • CFA Level 2 Exam in 5 Months

New Year is the time of new beginning. If you’re about to face your CFA level 2 exam this year, it’s perfect time to take up your preparation now. Tempted to wait just a little bit longer, a week or a month perhaps? Naaah... Better pull up your sleeves and start right away. Below, you will find a link to a detailed 5-month CFA level 2 study plan, beginning on 2 January and ending on 2 June.


Unconventional L1 Study Plan

Unconventional Way to Prepare 4-Month CFA Study Plan
  • Unconventional Way to Prepare Study Plan

Some time ago, we presented a 4 month CFA study plan to prepare for the December CFA exam. A conventional one. Now, it’s time for an unconventional approach, whose basic assumptions are nothing like those we had before. Intrigued? Keep on reading.


4-month CFA Level 1 Study Plan

4-month CFA Level 1 Study Plan
  • 4-month CFA Level 1 Study Plan

Before you get down to work, stop for a while and ask yourself one fundamental question, which is: “How do I overcome the low 40% or so passing rate?”. To be very specific, we should also add here that this 40-ish passing rate (in %) is a real value calculated for those who actually took the exam (i.e. it excludes no-shows usually accounting for as much as 20-25% of all registered candidates).


4-month CFA Level 2 Study Plan

4-month CFA Level 2 Study Plan
  • Study Plan for CFA Level 2

On the last week of January, the results of December level 1 2016 exam will be published. Many of you are waiting with bated breath for the results and plan to start your preparation for the CFA level 2 exam after the results will be released. Right in time, we hope, comes our advice on an optimal 4-month study plan.


3 month CFA Level 1 Study Plan

How to Prepare for the CFA Exam in 3 Months
  • How to Prepare for the CFA Exam in 3 Months

This post tells you how to effectively prepare a 3-month CFA level 1 study plan. You will definitely find it worth reading no matter if you have already started studying or if you are about to open the Curriculum for the first time today. Apart from the study plan, you will find here 4 CFA level 1 topics categorisations together with some relevant exam preparation hints designed to let you make the most of the upcoming 3 months.


2-month CFA Level 1 Study Plan

2 month CFA Level 1 Study Plan
  • 2-Month Study Plan for CFA Level 1 Candidates

Every year we receive questions from CFA candidates about a 2-month CFA study plan. With only 60 days to the exam you definitely need a good study plan that you will strictly obey. The number of pages to cover is really huge. So, if you work full-time, it will give you a hard time if you try to read and learn it all and it will most probably turn out impossible. That's why you need to make some tough calls.


8-month CFA Level 1 Study Plan

8-months CFA level 1 study schedule
  • December 2017 CFA Level 1 Study Schedule

Remember that even with 8 months to go, it is important to study systematically and in a suitable pace. The exam day will come sooner that you would expect it to and it is important that you are prepared for this day so that you could be satisfied when the exam is over. The CFA study schedule that we have prepared may serve as a good basis for your own study plan.


6-month CFA Level 1 Study Plan

6 month CFA Level 1 Study Plan
  • Safety-First Rule for CFA Exam Prep

Plan your preparation safely to minimize the risk that your goal is NOT achieved. Do not assume that 300 hours are enough for you to prepare for the exam. Assume you need more than an average CFA candidate and opt for 400 hours even if it means you’ll need to forgo some of your free time. You give up this luxury to maximize the chances that your objective IS accomplished.


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