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The table shows the weights for all CFA level 1 topics for Dec 2018 candidates: [June 2019 candidate? See here ]


As you can see the most important topics are:

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis (FRA),
  • Ethical and Professional Standards (Ethics), and
  • Quantitative Methods (QM).

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You should devote around 50% of your study time to these three topics.

Note that the topic weights on your exam may slightly differ from the topic weights given above.

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The Most Probable Number Of Questions
for each exam session (Dec 2018)

ETH = 18

FRA = 24

DI = 6

PM = 8

QM = 14

CF = 9

FI = 12

TOTAL = 120 questions

ECO = 12

EI = 12

AI = 5

1.5 minute per question

IMPORTANT! The whole CFA level 1 exam includes 240 questions, 120 per each exam session.


June 2019 CFA Topic Weights

As of June 2019, CFA topics weights change as shown in the table below:


What it means is that in your exam, you can expect:

  • the highest number of questions for Ethics and FRA (18 per topic for each exam session),
  • similar number of questions for QM, Eco, CF, EI, and FI (12-13 per topic for each exam session),
  • also several questions for DI, AI, and PM (7-8 per topic for each exam session).

IMPORTANT! Even though topic weights change, the difficulty of topics stays pretty much the same.

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