CFA Level 2 Topic Weights

The table shows the weights for all CFA level 2 topics:


As you can see the most important topics are:

  • Equity Investments (EI),
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis (FRA), and
  • Fixed Income (FI).

You should devote even up to 60% of your study time to these three topics.

Note that the topic weights on your exam may slightly differ from the topic weights given above.

Estimated average number of questions for each topic

ETH = 14

FRA = 20

DI = 9

PM = 8

QM = 8

CF = 9

FI = 15

TOTAL = 120 questions

ECO = 8

EI = 21

AI = 8

3 minutes per question

Remember! CFA level 2 exam questions are arranged into item sets. Each item set includes 6 questions. Generally, one item set is devoted to one topic. Do not be surprised, however, if you see an item set with questions from various topics. That's also possible.

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