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CFA® Exam: No Motivation to Study?

If you have no motivation to study for your CFA exam, you need some external motivation. External motivation will increase your internal motivation.

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10 years 4 months ago

Welcome to Soleadea

We are happy to introduce Soleadea in its alpha version.

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3 days 18 hours ago

Is CFA® Exam Pass Rate Fixed Around 43% For Good?

See past CFA exam passing scores: level 1, level 2, and level 3. The average CFA level 1 pass rate is now 41% but the NOV 2022 level 1 CFA exam pass rate is still lower than that!

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Level 1 CFA® Exam Study Materials

CFA level 1 candidates benefit thanks to our CFA Exam Study Planner with Formulas App, videos, exam-type questions, mocks, e-books & Test Generator inside.