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To earn the CFA designation means to earn a valid credential to your résumé. It means to prove your proficiency in finance and your expertise as a professional in the field. That is why your decision to reach for the designation is the right one and should be nurtured. You must not give up before you actually get what you’re striving after.

You must not get discouraged by all the difficulties attributed to the CFA exam. They can be easily handled if approached thoughtfully.

First of all, identify where the great difficulty lies for you. Then, try to visualize all the identified difficulties and understand their nature. Finally, plan how you’re going to gain the upper hand and achieve your success.

The difficulties can be manifold and each and every one of you will develop your own hierarchy of exam related headaches.

If the financial aspect is what worries you, find a means to minimize the obstacle (learn more).

If the worst nightmare is the intellectual challenge in the form of thousands of pages to read and hundreds of definitions, formulas, and concepts to acquire, look for ways to make the study content more digestible (learn more).

If that’s a physical challenge in terms of the time you need to devote to studying, the best way is to organize your preparation well so as to be able to control your time and acquire the bulk of CFA exam study material (learn more).

If the emotional burden is what brings you down and you feel you’re losing your motivation, you will do best if you join us and set up your free study plan. We won't leave you alone! You will receive notifications to encourage your weekly study progress and you will be able to monitor how you're doing by watching Your Chance To Pass either fall or grow. (learn more).

Smart Preparation Starts With Smart Planning

When your plans have this dangerous tendency to fall through - you need more than just timetabled topics!

You need concrete readings assigned to concrete study weeks, weekly progress assessments,
and all the means to stay in charge!


Finally, if what keeps you awake at night are all the formalities related to the CFA Program and the CFA exam, your way should be to rationalize the strict CFA Program policies governing your candidacy and the exam itself (learn more).

There are multiple corners in this maze but we lead you through (learn more). Put your success before your eyes and pursue. Do not lose sight of it and become a CFA charterholder!

TIP: Treat every passed level as a milepost on your career path. After all, every level is a challenge worth the effort!

Personalize Your Study Plan
Personalized Study Plan


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