2017 Women’s Scholarship & Its Pitfalls

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Shorter deadline!

Women’s Scholarship is a new kind of CFA Awareness Scholarship. Its aim is to promote a broader participation of women in the CFA Program. Apparently, the goal has been reached...

I'm a Dec 2017/June 2018 Candidate

The second week of January 2017 has just begun and we already know that June 2017 Women’s Scholarships are no longer available. And there would be nothing strange about it if not for the fact that the June 2017 Awareness Scholarship deadline does not expire until 1 February. Almost 4 more weeks still to go...

June 2017 Awareness Scholarships deadline: 1 February 2017
June 2017 Women’s Scholarships no longer available

The interest in the newly offered scholarship for women must have been intense, maybe even greater than expected. And so the application period was closed prior to the set deadline.

Undefined application period

The problem is there was no separate deadline for the June 2017 Women’s Scholarship. So, some of you might have ended up disappointed when they found out it was too late to apply. If you thought the early February was your deadline and you still had time to apply, well… that was rather a sudden awakening...

CFA Institute is going to treat Women’s Scholarship individually: though no separate application deadline is established, the application period will be closed every time the number of sent-in applications exceeds a specified but undisclosed limit.

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Available for all women?

The application period for December 2017 Women’s Scholarships starts in the late January and for June 2018 Women’s Scholarships - in the late July. December 2017 Awareness Scholarship application deadline falls on 1 September 2017, whereas June 2018 Awareness Scholarship application deadline is 1 February 2018.

And for the scholarships for women? You never know. The deadline may be the same, or different. Sadly, you will find out when the scholarship award limit is reached.

Dec 2017 Awareness Scholarships deadline: 1 September 2017
Dec 2017 Women’s Scholarships deadline:
unspecified but shorter

June 2018 Awareness Scholarships deadline: 1 February 2018
June 2018 Women’s Scholarships deadline:
unspecified but shorter

You should not put off the decision to apply for a scholarship if you’re a woman. You better hurry up if you’re interested because you never know when the application period is closed.

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