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Every CFA candidate needs to successfully organise the pre-exam preparation time. To help you take care of this, we created a free CFA study planner. The app is meant for all Soleadea users and it is definitely worth a try.

How to Use the CFA Study Planner?

If you don't have an account yet, begin with a free registration on our portal. After registration, you will be redirected to the study planner page where you can choose one of the ready-made study plans or create your own study plan.

You can find the ready-made study plans under the ‘STUDY PLAN LIST’ heading. To use one of them, click the 'USE IT' button. Remember, you can always modify the study plan and adjust it to your needs - just click the ‘MODIFY’ button.

To develop your study plan from scratch, click the ‘CREATE NEW STUDY PLAN’ button.

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Thanks to using our CFA study plan app, you'll be able to tailor the study plan to your needs:

  • choose the start date and the end date,
  • set the deadline reminder if you find it useful,
  • assign days to the exam topics you want to study and, for each topic, choose relevant Soleadea Episodes (which generally cover CFA Curriculum readings).

You can also repeat topics and episodes or schedule revision blocks, mock exams and holidays. You can even have more than one study plan, e.g. if you also wish to plan your revision in detail.

Sample CFA Study Plans

On our blog, we thoroughly cover the topic of study plan preparation. Here is the list of the most recent blog posts related to this topic:

Using the CFA Study Plan App - Short Video

Watch the video to learn more about the features of our app:

Use our Study Planner

(Note: To use the app and create your own study plan, you need to register first.
We respect your time – it should take you around 30 seconds.)

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