Free CFA® Exam Study Materials for Level 1 and Level 2

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FREE CFA Exam Study Materials for LEVELS 1 & 2

Below we present a list of level 1 and level 2 CFA exam videos we made available for free at Soleadea.

IMPORTANT: These free videos are intended for Soleadea users and are available inside our CFA Exam Study Planner. To watch the videos listed below sign up to our portal ( = create your free study plan ).

Then, visit the page with video lectures that you will find under the ALL CONTENT tag at the very bottom of your study plan after you log in (note that you need to filter study materials by videos and topics to access the free videos).

Please note that you may need to update your CFA exam level in your profile to see the videos.

Free Level 1 CFA Exam Videos

Here's a list of 34 free level 1 CFA exam videos included in our STUDY PLANNER. The whole video package consists of around 150 high-quality video lectures altogether, each with an average duration of 14 minutes. The total recorded level 1 CFA exam study material is around 40 hours. All videos are available in our Paid PLAN.

34 Free Level 1 CFA Exam Videos at Soleadea:


  • Ethics – Big Picture
  • Standard I (A) – Knowledge of the Law
  • Standard V (A) – Diligence and Reasonable Basis
  • Standard VII (A) & VII (B) regarding e.g. your conduct in and reference to the CFA Program


  • Central Limit Theorem
  • Skewness & Kurtosis
  • Bayes' Formula
  • Normal Distribution
  • Lognormal Distribution


  • Portfolio Approach
  • Measuring Portfolio Performance
  • Efficient Frontier & Investor's Optimal Portfolio


  • Financial Statements – Basics
  • Earnings Per Share


  • Capital Allocation – Introduction
  • Theoretical Models of Capital Structure


  • Bonds with Embedded Options
  • Matrix Pricing
  • Duration of Bond Portfolio


  • Assets & Markets Classifications
  • Investor's Positions & Orders
  • Common Shares vs Preference Shares
  • Porter's Five Forces
  • Multiplier Models & Asset-Based Valuation Models


  • What Are Derivatives?
  • Forward Commitments vs Contingent Claims
  • Arbitrage
  • Factors Affecting the Price of Option
  • Put-Call Parity


  • What Are Alternative Investments?


  • Supply – Advanced (Part 2)
  • Economic Indicators
  • Central Bank

Level 1 Questions & Exam Concepts Explained
for Free

You can also find many level 1 exam concepts explained on our blog. While writing, we often include exam-type questions to show you what to expect in your exam and to encourage you to practice while you study. More free level 1 questions are available inside the Free PLAN and there are as many as 1800 exam-type questions if you choose Paid PLAN.

Free Written Content & Questions:

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Free Level 2 CFA Exam Videos

Here's a list of sample level 2 CFA exam videos included in our STUDY PLANNER for free. The whole video package consists of around 100 high-quality videos altogether, each with an average duration of 24 minutes. The total recorded level 2 CFA exam study material is around 40 hours. All videos are available in our Paid PLAN.

Level 2 CFA Exam Videos Free for YOU at Soleadea:


  • Standard I (C) – Misrepresentation
  • Standard I (D) – Misconduct


  • Multifactor Models – Part 1


  • Currency Exchange Rates – Basics


  • Valuation Process – Part 2
  • Multistage Dividend Discount Models


  • Introduction to Private Equity Investments


  • Valuation of Callable and Putable Bonds


  • Forward Contracts – Introduction

Free Level 2 CFA Exam Questions

We have also prepared some sample level 2 questions for you. You can see what level 2 CFA exam questions look like in one of our blog posts. It is very important to get familiar with the format of questions because in your level 2 exam the so-called item sets will be used to test you. An item set is a short vignette, i.e. case description, followed by 4 to 6 multiple choice questions. You can find as many as 50 item sets inside our Paid PLAN.

Sample Level 2
CFA Exam Questions:

CFA Exam Study Planner for All Levels

Our CFA Exam Study Planner is available for candidates of all levels and affordable to anyone at "pay-what-you-can" prices. If you set up your Study Plan, you'll be able to:

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  • learn the way to review quickly for your CFA exam thanks to the REVIEW view of your Study Plan,
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The full "pay-what-you-can" version of our Study Planner includes even more. You'll find:

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