UPDATED: Nov 19, 2020

CFA® Exam Postponed Due to COVID-19, Recent Updates

CFA exam / COVID Update

Dec 2020 CFA Exam Cancelled, Location by Location

Dec 2020 CFA exam has been already cancelled in almost 90 locations, i.e. more than 40 countries, around the world. With new test centers added to the list each week, the odds are that the list of locations where the Dec exam actually takes place will be shorter than the list of closed test centers.

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December 2020 Test Centers Closed Due to COVID-19

Here's the list of the recently closed Dec 2020 CFA exam test centers:

Last Update: November, 19

  1. Argentina – Buenos Aires
  2. Armenia – Yerevan
  3. Australia – Melbourne
  4. Austria – Vienna
  5. Bahamas – Nassau
  6. Bahrain – Manama
  7. Belgium – Brussels
  8. Canada – Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, Regina, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg
  9. Chile – Santiago
  10. Cyprus – Nicosia
  11. Czech Republic – Prague
  12. France – Paris
  13. Germany – Frankfurt, Munich
  14. Greece – Athens
  15. Hungary – Budapest
  16. India – Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune
  17. Ireland – Dublin
  18. Israel – Tel Aviv
  19. Italy – Milan
  20. Jamaica – Kingston
  21. Jordan – Amman
  22. Kazakhstan – Almaty
  23. Kuwait – Kuwait City
  24. Latvia – Riga
  25. Lithuania – Vilnius
  26. Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur
  27. Mexico – Mexico City
  28. Mongolia – Ulaanbaatar
  29. Morocco – Casablanca
  30. Myanmar – Yangon
  31. Norway – Oslo
  32. Peru – Lima
  33. Philippines – Manila
  34. Poland – Warsaw
  35. Portugal – Lisbon
  36. Qatar – Doha
  37. Saudi Arabia – Jeddah, Riyadh
  38. Serbia – Belgrade
  39. Singapore – Singapore
  40. South Africa – Cape Town, Johannesburg
  41. Spain – Barcelona, Madrid
  42. Switzerland – Geneva, Zurich
  43. United Kingdom – Birmingham, Edinburgh, London
  44. United States – Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Detroit, Honolulu, Long Island, Los Angeles, Madison, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Secaucus/Northern New Jersey, Washington, DC

If the Dec 2020 CFA exam is postponed in your area, you can:

NOTE: As of 2021, all CFA exams will be delived in proctored test centers on computers. Read more about computer-based testing for CFA exams

Unprecedented CFA Exam Postponement

On 19 March 2020, CFA Institute announced the postponement of June 2020 exams (all levels) owing to the novel coronavirus outbreak. Now, due to the global pandemic situation, CFA Institute speeds up the transition of CFA exams to computer-based testing. As recently decided – from 2021 – not only the level 1 exam but also level 2 and level 3 exams will be held on computers.

The nearest possible exam date for postponed June 2020 candidates of all levels is 5-6 December 2020 and it’s the last paper-based exam! So far, CFA Institute applied it's 'no refund' policy. June 2020 candidates were only given the opportunity to re-schedule. It has just changed! Currently, if you're a postponed June 2020 candidate scheduled for your Dec 2020 exam and if your Dec 2020 exam will also get cancelled (which is a possibility considering the pandemic) – you will be able to get a refund of your registration costs! Of course, you'll still have the option to defer your exam to a later date once again.

Nearest CFA Exam Date

5-6 December


5-6 December


If you don't want to take your postponed exam this December, you may choose any of the available 2021 exams. Once again notice that all of the 2021 exams (all levels) will be delived on computers.


2020 CFA Exams Curriculum
Also in 2021

That’s big news!

Because the 2020 CFA exams were postponed, there will be no new CFA Program curriculum in 2021. It means that the 2020 curriculum will apply to all CFA exams taking place at all 2021 exam dates.

Generally, topic weights are also said to remain similar to what they were. However, as of the Dec 2020 exam, level 1 CFA exam topic weights are given in ranges, which is a totally new thing. You can see here how level 1 topic weights changed over the last years.

Taking Shortcut:
Handy e-Books from Analyst Guide!

As always, our Analyst Guide has been updated before the upcoming exam but this time – thanks to CFA Institute's decision about the curriculum – another update won’t be needed until 2022!

Analyst Guide is a study platform powered by Soleadea and offering shortcut ways of handling CFA exam study content to both level 1 and level 2 candidates. You will find there some printable and handy e-books and flashcards dedicated to concrete areas of your CFA exam curriculum, e.g. formulas, definitions or accounting standards.

Great for both study and revision!

To level 1 candidates, we particularly recommend the Must-Understand CFA Exam Relations e-Book containing some relevant level 1 relations delivered in an interesting form. Instead of a boring list of almost 200 relations – you'll find sentences to fill in and questions to answer, e.g.:

  • Modified duration is always _______ than Macaulay duration.
  • Which of the two is lower: the money-weighted rate of return or the time-weighted rate of return? Why?

This way it is more engaging and encourages active learning, which helps improve your knowledge retention! (answers and explanations are always on the next page)

Also flashcards can aid memorization and knowledge retention. Use our flashcards with the most important CFA exam formulas and definitions if you want to learn these challenging bits of knowledge in no time and on the go:

CFA Exam Formulas on Analyst Guide
CFA Exam Definitions on Analyst Guide