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CFA exam / Calendar

CFA Exam Calendar

  1. When to Take Level 1 CFA Exam in 2024
  2. Key Dates in Level 1 CFA Exam Calendar
  3. CFA Exam Registration Window
  4. CFA Exam Scheduling Window
  5. CFA Exam Rescheduling Window
  6. Other Dates in CFA Calendar Worth Interest
  7. Can I Change My CFA Exam Date?
  8. 2024 Level 1 CFA Exam Deadlines Timetabled
  9. Can I Pass CFA Exam In 12 Months?

When to Take Level 1 CFA Exam in 2024

In the 2024 CFA exam calendar, there are 4 level 1 CFA exam windows:

  • 1st CFA exam window: 19-25 FEB 2024
  • 2nd CFA exam window: 15-21 MAY 2024
  • 3rd CFA exam window: 20-26 AUG 2024
  • 4th CFA exam window: 13-19 NOV 2024

2024 LVL 1: FEB | MAY | AUG | NOV

2024 LVL 1

After you register for one of the exam windows, you'll need to self-schedule your CFA exam date. Don't worry – you can change your CFA exam date if needed. However, to register for the CFA exam and then schedule or reschedule your CFA exam, you need to stick to some deadlines.

Yep, the CFA exam calendar is full of deadlines and important dates. Here you can find key level 1 dates & deadlines for currently available level 1 exams.

Key Dates in Your Level 1 CFA Exam Calendar

Key level 1 CFA exam dates surely include the start and end dates of the CFA exam:

  • registration window,
  • scheduling window,
  • rescheduling window.


Level 1 CFA Exam Window Registration Window Scheduling Window Rescheduling Window
19-25 FEB 2024 16 May - 8 Nov 16 May - 21 Nov 16 May - 20 Jan
15-21 MAY 2024 15 Aug - 6 Feb 15 Aug - 14 Feb 15 Aug - 15 Apr
20-26 AUG 2024 14 Nov - 14 May 14 Nov - 21 May 14 Nov - 21 July
13-19 NOV 2024 8 Feb - 7 Aug 8 Feb - 13 Aug 8 Feb - 14 Oct

LEVEL 2 dates | LEVEL 3 dates

LEVEL 2 dates | LEVEL 3 dates

Save CFA Exam Date in Your Calendar!


CFA Exam Registration Window is the period when the CFA exam registration for your exam is open. You will register for your CFA exam as soon as you make the registration fee payment of USD 940 (early birds) or USD 1250 (standard) + a one-time enrollment fee of USD 350 upon your first level 1 CFA exam registration.

Note the higher CFA exam registration fees for the 2024 exams. In 2023, the registration fee for early birds was USD 900, and the standard fee was USD 1200.

HOW to REGISTER for CFA EXAM? Go to the CFA Institute website, sign up and in your account choose one of the available exam windows. You’ll be asked to submit your registration form and make the payment.

Register by the registration deadline!

STEP 2: SCHEDULE (obligatory)

CFA Exam Scheduling is the period when YOU MUST SELF-SCHEDULE YOUR CFA EXAM by choosing the exact date in your CFA exam window and booking it in ProScheduler (scheduling tool). Scheduling is free of charge and obligatory if you don’t want to lose your registration fee. You won’t be able to sit your CFA exam unless you self-schedule your exam date before the deadline!

HOW to SELF-SCHEDULE your CFA EXAM? Use ProScheduler, which is a dedicated platform where you can schedule your CFA exam. When scheduling your exam, search by country and city to book your exam day. Best look up the whole exam window and then choose the exact day and time of your CFA exam according to your preference. Scheduling should be available to you in your CFA Institute account as soon as your registration payment is processed (you'll be redirected to ProScheduler). Note that you are not successfully scheduled for your exam unless you receive an e-mail confirmation of the appointment.

Schedule your CFA exam by the scheduling deadline!

STEP 3: RESCHEDULE (optional)

CFA Exam Rescheduling is the period when you can change your CFA exam date within your exam window by paying a fee of USD 250 per each(!) exam re-appointment. This is useful if for some reason you want to take your CFA exam in your exam window but need to change your chosen exam date, time, or location or if your scheduled exam date is your second-best choice but you’d rather take your exam some other day, time or place within your registered exam window.

HOW to RE-SCHEDULE your CFA EXAM? This option is available to you in your CFA Institute account, Candidate Tile. Note that it’s available only for your chosen exam window! You cannot reschedule your CFA exam from one window to another. For this, you may consider paid deferral (see below).

Reschedule your CFA exam by the reschedule deadline!

Other Dates in CFA Calendar Worth Interest

There are also some other dates that you may find important such as:

  • early registration deadline, by which your registration cost is lower by USD 310 (early registration fee is USD 940 instead of USD 1250)
  • pay-by-invoice deadline, which may be particularly of interest to candidates from India who can now get a low-interest loan to register for their CFA exam
  • scholarship deadlines (CFA exam scholarships reduce your exam cost substantially)
  • CFA exam emergency deferral deadline, which is up to 3 days following the close of the exam window to be used in case of some emergencies that you can document (e.g., life-threatening illness or death of an immediate family member, grandparents excluded)
  • CFA exam paid deferral, which is available approx. a month before the exam window to be purchased at USD 399 until up to 24 hours before your scheduled exam appointment. Once you submit your CFA exam deferral, your exam appointment will get canceled! If you don’t have a scheduled appointment, the paid deferral deadline is up to 3 days following the close of the exam window. Paid deferral is available once per paid exam registration. It gives you a right to postpone your exam appointment for up to 12 months according to new registration & scheduling deadlines.

Can I Change My CFA Exam Date?

Yes, you can change your CFA exam date by rescheduling your exam to a later date. CFA exam rescheduling is the most popular option of changing your exam date. But there are a few ways to do it depending on your situation.

The ways to change your CFA exam date include:

  • exam rescheduling: available only for the exam window you registered for; rescheduling fee is USD 250 every time you wish to reschedule;
  • emergency deferral: when you want to move your CFA exam to a new exam window and can document that you haven't been able to take your scheduled exam, it's free but needs to be well documented or else it won't be granted;
  • paid deferral: available only once per paid registration, you need to pay an extra fee of USD 399 to be able to change your exam date to a new exam window, no questions asked but once you submit your deferral – the decision's final and your scheduled exam gets canceled;
  • COVID deferral: deferral at no additional cost in case your scheduled exam gets canceled due to COVID restrictions.

Note that CFA Institute reserves the right to prematurely close registration and scheduling dates.

2024 Level 1 CFA Exam Deadlines Timetabled

MAY 2024 Deadlines AUG 2024 Deadlines NOV 2024 Deadlines
  1. START: 15 Aug 2023
  2. EARLY
    REGISTRATION ENDS: 12 Oct 2023
  3. PAY-by-INVOICE: 28 Dec 2023
  5. SCHEDULING ENDS: 14 Feb 2024
  6. RESCHEDULING ENDS: 15 Apr 2024
  1. START: 14 Nov 2023
  2. EARLY
    REGISTRATION ENDS: 23 Jan 2024
  3. PAY-by-INVOICE: 4 Apr 2024
    REGISTRATION ENDS: 14 May 2024
  5. SCHEDULING ENDS: 21 May 2024
  6. RESCHEDULING ENDS: 21 July 2024
  1. START: 8 Feb 2024
  2. EARLY
    REGISTRATION ENDS: 16 Apr 2024
  3. PAY-by-INVOICE: 28 June 2024
  5. SCHEDULING ENDS: 13 Aug 2024
  6. RESCHEDULING ENDS: 14 Oct 2024

Can I Pass CFA Exam In 12 Months?

Yes, you can pass your CFA exam, all 3 levels, within a year, i.e., in 12 months!

12 months is the quickest path to get your CFA charter but you need to strictly follow the CFA exam schedule, where you take your level 1 CFA exam in FEB, then level 2 – in AUG, and finally level 3 – in FEB of the next year. This makes 12 months from your level 1 to your level 3 CFA exam sitting. Of course, the assumption is that you pass all levels at the first attempt and the part when you wait for your final CFA exam result to be released is not counted in (it may take up to 8 weeks after you sit your level 3 exam before you get your final CFA exam result).

Other scenarios are a bit longer than 12 months. Actually, with the CBT CFA exams in place, you can now get your CFA charter in 12 to 18 months.

Can I Pass CFA Exam In 12 Months?

Based on the current CFA exam calendar for CBT exams, there are 3 level 2 CFA exam windows per year available to CFA candidates in May, Aug, and Nov. As far as the level 3 CFA exam goes, there are 2 level 3 CFA exam windows per year in February and August. How fast you can get your CFA charter depends on what path you'll choose for yourself + how many retakes or exam deferrals you'll need.

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