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Proper Review-ON SystemTM

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All bundled together inside your personalized study plan.

Will I get access to everything even if I pay USD 8?

Yep. No matter which price you choose – you’ll get access to EVERYTHING!
And by everything we mean: (1) the holistic approach to your exam prep from start to finish, (2) probably the best Study Planner in the market – it pushes you to study but also gives you flexibility (‘cos we’re all humans),
(3) actionable metrics and benchmarks, (4) to-the-point study materials accessible on both desktop and mobile, and
(5) review system that promotes your learning curve while defeating your forgetting curve.

Why Pay-What-You-Can?

Because we serve CFA candidates from 150+ countries worldwide and our mission is to support ALL CFA candidates, regardless of the country you come from or your personal income. There is no fixed price suitable for everyone. So, we leave the choice of the price to you.

Why so cheap? Is it a scam?

Our team spent 10,000+ hours preparing these study materials and tools and we have more in the pipeline. But we are in the 2020s now: the cost of e-learning distribution is going to zero. If you believe you have to pay USD 1,000+ per level for great study aids, you are indeed being scammed but not by us.

Also, "cheap" is an ambiguous word.

If you spend USD 8 for a cup of coffee just like that, you should probably go for a higher price above. But if your monthly income is USD 100 and you have a family to feed, this is a different story. Nevertheless, if you have a problem deciding which price to choose, consider the following: We reinvest all our profits back in Soleadea, so the more money we earn today, the more value we can bring to you in the future.

*Money-Back Guarantee

And just to make sure that our portal suits you, we offer you a money-back guarantee. If over the next 7 days you decide that our approach is not for you, just let us know and we'll refund you the money you already paid.
No questions asked.

Any candidates' reviews?

We receive many great reviews but we love this one:

"I just passed the L1, and I would like to thank you guys at Soleadea:
I could only structure my studies because of the materials and study plan.
In retrospect, I highly doubt I would have passed without Soleadea :)"

Saurabh, passed level 1 CFA exam

The "in retrospect" part is what we love in particular. The CFA exam prep is no piece of cake and it's easy to get lost in the process of studying but we make sure you deliver on the exam day!

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