Session 1

CFA Journey Through Troubles:
Identifying Distractions

SESSION 1 includes: free download Detailed Solutions to CFA Exam Problems

Identifying the Real Problem

When thinking about their exam, all CFA candidates know damn well that what they need to do is study their CFA Curriculum.

The study content stays in a close relation with time.

Of time you have too little and of study content way too much...


How about if we told you that your real problem is not: I have much to study. Neither is it: I can’t find enough time to study. If that’s how you see it, you seem to forget that the CFA exam is meant to be tough and demanding.

To get to the essence of the problem, let’s first analyze the most common pains related to study content and time. That’s how we decided to label them:

While the source of study content problems is generally the same for all CFA candidates (it’s the CFA Curriculum), time problems may have different origins.

See our Free PDF for Some Solutions

Free PDF for Some Solutions

It’s as if we had 4 types of CFA candidates thinking differently about their CFA exam prep:

Billy: I physically lack time to study.
Danna: I could find some time to study but I find it hard to arrange it.
Larry: I planned my study time but I find it hard to get down to work anyway.
Umber: When I finally get down to work – I’m inefficient.

For every candidate, the cause of their problem is different:

Billy’s too busy.
Danna is unable to organize her time.
Larry lacks motivation. (Or is simply being lazy.)
Umber is unproductive.

How can they overcome their limitations?

The answer is they need to develop relevant competencies.

Billy needs to learn to prioritize.
Danna’s going to need the ability to plan.
Larry could use some determination.
Umber needs to practice his ability to focus.

Developing the right competencies is a part of the Exam Learning Framework (ELF) we designed to make you aware of what you’re really dealing with when trying to pass your CFA exam. We’re so excited to tell you more about it in the next Session because the CFA exam is not just about getting to know the CFA Curriculum on time.

CFA candidates are troubled people. Like Busy Billy, Lazy Larry, Disorganized Danna, or Unproductive Umber.

We know that.

That’s why we want you to realize all the complexities of the CFA exam and help you identify your weak points ASAP. Only then can you turn this journey through troubles into your highway to success. Meanwhile, to read more on the already named problems related to CFA exam prep, see our free PDF file with some suggested solutions. (Are you Billy, Danna, Larry, or Umber?)

By way of conclusion to this Session 1 of our Workshop, let us say this:

Whether you call yourself Busy, Disorganized, Lazy, Unproductive, or perhaps All-In-1, you can still be successful as long you’re willing to MANAGE THESE DISTRACTIONS.

Because that’s what they all are.

Just some distractions making it harder for you to achieve your goal.

Managing distractions is the essence of your problem.

The Busy and the Lazy are probably the greatest villains here. The Disorganized and the Unproductive may be a bit easier to deal with. And although there’s no simple secret formula for overcoming the bad guys, you can certainly learn how to control them (instead of letting them control you).

You’ll see how you can do that in the upcoming two Sessions of this Workshop.

FREE Download: Detailed Solutions to CFA Exam Problems

Solutions to CFA Problems

PS. Each year, about 40-50% of CFA test takers (depending on the exam level) pass their exam. They also struggled with the Busy and the Lazy inside them. But they prevailed. And you want to make sure you’re gonna be among those who pass when you take your CFA exam.

The statistic vividly shows it’s not gonna be easy but you can at least try to make it easier with the right tools and attitude. Session 2 is about attitude!

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