CFA Level 1 Study Material

CFA exam prep is all about shaping the right attitude to control your study process. With Soleadea, you can take care of both your attitude and skills development.

CFA level 1 study materials we offer to you inside our free CFA Study Planner:

  • Formulas App,
  • Video lectures,
  • Exam-type questions,
  • Ready-made topic tests,
  • Test generator to create various practice tests,
  • Full-time mock exams,
  • Topic e-books.

Some of these study materials are FREE all the time.

To check the rest of our study resources, opt in for a 7-day FREE trial at registration.

Smart Preparation Starts With Smart Planning

When your plans have this dangerous tendency to fall through - you need more than just timetabled topics!

You need concrete CFA readings assigned to concrete study weeks, weekly progress assessments,
and all the means to stay in charge!


* and adopt the right attitude to stay in control *

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