Updated: February 28, 2024

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How to Plan & Prepare for
CFA Exam?

Planning your CFA exam preparation carefully is important for a number of reasons.

Firstly, a personalized study plan allows you to efficiently allocate your time, taking into account your individual learning pace and other commitments. By organizing your CFA exam study schedule and setting realistic milestones, you can effectively break down the vast curriculum into manageable segments. This not only helps to maintain motivation but also ensures that all topics are given adequate attention, maximizing the chances of a thorough understanding.

Secondly, a tailored study plan aids in systematically tracking your progress and identifying areas that require further attention. With the CFA exam covering a wide array of subjects, candidates may find certain topics more challenging than others. It means that some areas will need more of your studying efforts. Review slots scheduled in your study plan are perfect for that. Furthermore, consistent monitoring of your progress holds you accountable and boosts your confidence as you move closer to the exam date.

Finally, a well-organized study plan helps reduce exam-related stress and anxiety. The CFA exam is highly competitive. That's why candidates often experience immense pressure to perform well. If you commit to an orderly plan, you'll avoid last-minute cramming and secure enough time for an in-depth revision of the curriculum. This translates into successful CFA exam prep.

The How & When of CFA Exam Preparation

When to Prepare for
CFA Exam?

In 2024, the CFA exam takes place:

  • level 1 – FEB 19-25, MAY 15-21, AUG 20-26, and NOV 13-19,
  • level 2 – MAY 22-26, AUG 27-31, and NOV 20-24,
  • level 3 – FEB 15-18 and AUG 16-19.

When To Start My CFA Exam Prep?

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Prepare for CFA Exam with Soleadea

Our study planner has 4 main sections: PLAN, STUDY, PROGRESS, and REVIEW.

The PLAN section allows you to tailor your study schedule to your needs. You can adjust your Exam Date, Start Date, number of Final Review Weeks, the sequence of topics and the difficulty of the topics. You can also add or remove holiday (no study) weeks and your plan will adjust accordingly.

The STUDY section shows you what to study each week and provides access to study lessons and many materials such as videos, questions, or formulas (no study materials for level 3 for now). Progress bars and benchmark study times are provided for both weeks and learning modules (readings). You can also navigate between weeks and manage your study process by checking off your lessons and readings.

The PROGRESS section provides you with a visual representation of your study progress in the form of a Gantt chart and your Chance-to-Pass Score.

The REVIEW section allows you to easily browse and review specific study content such as videos, formulas, lesson sections or even whole lessons. You can filter by different content types to quickly revise what you need. You can also use the flashcard feature to test your knowledge of CFA exam formulas.

Our study planner is designed to help you stay on track and achieve success in your CFA exam. As soon as you get started – don't hesitate to activate your account. We're using the Pay-What-You-Can model, so using our Study Planner won't be a drain on your pocket.

Many CFA candidates are particularly fond of the review sessions scheduled up each week. They say that these review sessions are what made the difference in their preparation. Don't worry – we'll make sure to provide you with the motivation and support you need to add a few extra hours of review each week. It will surely pay off in the form of better knowledge retention and more effective learning!

With our Study Planner, you can be confident that you're making the most of your study time and setting yourself up for success!!!

About Soleadea:

Our CFA Exam Study Planner is available to candidates of all levels at groundbreaking Pay-What-You-Can prices. You decide how much you want to pay for our services. After you activate your account, you get unlimited access to our Study Planner 4.0 with study lessons inside, various level 1/level 2 study materials & tools, regular review sessions, and a holistic growth approach to your preparation. Join

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