CFA Exam: Black Friday – Cyber Monday Promo 2020

Here’s our
Black Friday – Cyber Monday Promo:

All future updates and upgrades included!

CORE study materials inside our
NEW CFA Exam Study Planner 4.0:

Level 1

  • 40+ hours of to-the-point videos,
  • 50+ printable PDF e-books (concise notes for CFA exam readings),
  • Question Pool & Test Generator incl. 1800+ exam-type questions with explanations and exam tips (+ still adding),
  • 50+ review tests covering LOSes from CFA exam curriculum,
  • 2 full mock exams with current topic weights,
  • 50+ ready-made formulas lists + Formulas App with formulas in the form of flashcards.

Level 2

  • 40+ hours of to-the-point videos,
  • 15 printable PDF e-books (concise notes for CFA exam readings),
  • Question Pool & Test Generator incl. 300+ exam-type questions (= 50+ item sets),
  • 20+ ready-made formulas lists + Formulas App with formulas in the form of flashcards.

All 3 Levels:
CFA Exam Study Plan 4.0

  • Benchmark-Study-TimesTM for CFA exam readings and study weeks,
  • Chance-to-Pass-ScoreTM giving you one meaningful stat you can rely on,
  • Proper-Review-ON-SystemTM to help you retain your knowledge,
  • Study routine with a series of motivational messages & study tips sent to your e-mail,
  • Control of your exam prep thanks to weekly summaries, changeable colors of CFA exam readings, and easy drag’n’drop edition.

Latest Improvements
to Study Planner 4.0

1. Easily navigable Main Menu

The Main Menu has been divided into 5 study-related categories: STUDY, PLAN, PROGRESS, REVIEW, and BLOG

  • STUDY tab takes you to your STUDY view, where you can see what to study each week and access available study materials (read more below)
  • PLAN tab takes you to your CFA Exam Study Plan, where you can personalize it using ‘drag&drop’
  • PROGRESS tab shows you your study progress both in the form of a Gantt chart and as your Chance-to-Pass-Score
  • REVIEW tab shows you the tools you can use for revision
  • BLOG tab takes you to our posts where we explain the CFA exam and exam prep in detail

2. New STUDY view

This is a brand-new, no-brainer solution for studying and following your study plan. In your STUDY view, you will find:

  • Left-hand Menu with all your weekly readings and lessons listed one by one, a progress bar for your study week together with the weekly benchmark study time, and buttons to navigate between the weeks.
  • Study lessons displaying the available study materials such as videos, pdfs, tests, or formulas. In the following months, we’ll be also adding more written content to lessons and make them more interactive.
  • Means to star and tick off lessons – so that you can develop your own system of managing your study process.

3. Full width of the screen

We always used just the middle column of the portal. But we thought wasting space is no good. That’s why we now use the whole of your screen to display the brand-new STUDY view and to show you your Study Plan and Progress. This improves user experience big time!


We add for free $100-worth of handy e-books from Analyst Guide:

Level 1: Must-Know Formulas E-book, Must-Know Formulas Flashcards, Must-Remember Definitions E-book, Must-Remember Definitions Flashcards, Must-Understand Relations E-book, Must-Have IFRS vs U.S. GAAP Comparison E-book, CFA Exam Calculator Tips;

Level 2: Must-Know Formulas E-book, Must-Remember Definitions E-book, Must-Have IFRS vs U.S. GAAP Comparison E-book, CFA Exam Calculator Tips.


We know there are prep providers that charge you 1,000+ bucks for one exam level. You may think: If Soleadea offers study tools for less than 400 bucks total for all 3 levels, then WHAT’S THE CATCH?

There’s no catch! Here's the truth:

It’s 2020 and the cost of IT infrastructure and online study content delivery is lower than ever! So, prices can be also more attractive! Some think they’re still in the early 2000s, operating as a monopoly or an oligopoly, but it’s no longer the case. We even think that with new study solutions from CFA Institute + Soleadea you are all set and done and there’s no need to spend extra 1,000+ bucks on other study tools.

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CFA Exam Candidates about Soleadea


I just passed the L1, and I would like to thank you guys at Soleadea - I could only structure my studies because of the materials and study plan. In retrospect, I highly doubt I would have passed without Soleadea


Soleadea helps me be committed to my weekly plan which I would have skipped had it been planned by me on a piece of paper. Most effective resource that has increased my efficiency 200% in completing and revising. I have started building up confidence to appear for CFA exam now!


I used your study planner resource. It helped me to stay on track with my study plan while also identifying review areas. For example, having to review the Ethics and Standards I-VII throughout helped me with my retention and was my highest scoring subject. It was rewarding to see my chances of passing go up as I stuck with my plan and held me accountable by going down when I was falling behind. I especially enjoyed receiving credit for memorizing formulas.


It's a PASS! I used Soleadea study plan for my CFA Level I June 2019. Thank you for the weekly emails to remind me to summarize my week and for your reviews thereafter. This kept me on my toes, am glad it paid off!


Cleared!! Level 1 near 90th percentile range :) Thank you! Soleadea your schedule helped . Please update me on L2 schedule. Thank you! Again


I have cleared my CFA level 1 exam taken this June. Soleadea helped my create a detailed study plan and track its progress. Thank you very much.


I passed yayy! Thank you so much for the motivational speech that you guys send every week and also the helpful schedule to keep me on track with my studies. I will be sure to use this planner again for my Level 2.


I primarily used Kaplan, but I did use a couple of your resources such as the IFRS vs US GAAP PDF and the must know formulas PDF. They were helpful filling gaps or when I had trouble with a specific concept. I’ll be sure to pay your site a visit again during L2!


I am delighted to tell you that I passed the level I this June, and part of this success comes from Soleadea. I used the schedule provided on your website for a guide of my reading and tried to stick to it as much as possible. Thank you for your care and please continue doing this helpful materials for the candidates.


You've been very quick, attentive and helpful so I'd love to give a little review; in my books this is 5 star customer service (especially considering I haven't paid anything as of yet)! Thank you for everything you've helped me with so far, I'll definitely be recommending this service to peers and colleagues in the future.