Welcome to Soleadea

We are happy to introduce Soleadea in its alpha version. The portal is meant to help people aiming for the CFA® certificate prepare for the exam by:
  • giving them access to study materials, and
  • creating common workspace that will enable communication among CFA® candidates.
As for now, we would like to encourage you to:
  • use our mock exams (for more details see the Contribution section), and
  • organise the first MeetUp of Level I CFA candidates worldwide in December after the exam.
If you want to take part in such a MeetUp and/or help to organise it in your city, visit the website https://www.meetup.com/soleadea]www.meetup.com/soleadea. In the following next months, we will focus on the development of Soleadea. You’ll be able to find here:
  • new study materials
  • an application for practicing formulas and equations
  • various tips and aids and the like.
Have any suggestions? Do not hesitate to contact us! To stay current, https://www.soleadea.com/user/register]register to the portal and subscribe to our monthly newsletter. Tell your friends about us and create your own workspace where you can learn by your own but also meet your friends and learn together. Visit our site on Facebook. We would appreciate it if you liked us. This will most certainly keep us motivated to work for you as well as we can! We’re crossing our fingers for you! Good luck on 1 December!
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