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CHAPTER 5: Why Not Become a CFA Charterholder? Is It Worth the Effort?

Why Not Become a CFA Charterholder?

If you asked me whether I would do it again – whether I would enter the CFA Program again and go through this maze of hard work and intellectual challenge – my answer is YES.

The way my life changed not only when I earned my CFA designation but already after I passed every exam level, one by one, assures me I should have no doubts about it.

Every level was a milepost on my career path.

After I succeeded in my level 1 exam, I got promoted. This meant more interesting tasks, responsibility, greater satisfaction with the job I was doing and better salary of course.

After I failed my level 2 exam, I had to get a grip on myself and ask myself a reasonable question of what I wanted to achieve and how I wanted to do that. The failure was a tough lesson to learn but a good one. I realized that if I wished to succeed and become a CFA charterholder I had to get serious about it.

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After I passed my CFA level 3 exam I was soon made the department supervisor. This was a complete game-changer for me. It was difficult to believe that four years earlier when I wanted to enter the program, I had to ask my parents to support me with my level 1 exam fee. Now, being eligible for the CFA designation, I could afford to pay my annual dues and finally become a CFA charterholder.

To me, CFA designation means proficiency and competence.

It means high-quality professionalism.

Thanks to participation in the CFA Program, I gained knowledge, skills, and ethical grounding. I gained a chance of my life quality improvement I could not let go.

Becoming a CFA charterholder, I gave my career a real boost. A boost I would probably never get if not for the credential I set out to obtain. The credential that used to be my challenge and now is my merit.

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