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CHAPTER 1: What is CFA?

I’ve been always ambitious.

And I’ve always liked to challenge myself.

When I chose finance as my path in life, I determined to become a devoted and skilled professional. A specialist who really knows her job. A pro with all that it stands for.

I was looking for a chance to boost my career. To give it a turn I wished for.

What is CFA?

When I heard about the CFA first, it rang a bell. But it wasn’t until some time later that I got the idea it might be actually something I was seeking.

I started to look for some information about what is CFA and what it has to offer.

All the information I found, set my mind and heart on it. I decided to give all my attention to the opportunity that was there for me to take. I mean I had the required bachelor’s degree and much more in fact. I was willing to help my career develop. I had my intellect, skills, and dedication.

I set out to become a CFA charterholder one day. And when I settle on something I always make sure it’s how I want it to be. So, it was ...

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But first things first.

What is CFA then?

It stands for Chartered Financial Analyst® and it is a prestigious designation respected by employers all over the world. It is considered the golden standard of financial certification.

Earning the CFA designation confirms professional knowledge and skills and certifies ethical grounding – all so important in the investment analysis and management field.

It gives leverage and credibility that make career advancement possible and validates the work experience of practitioners in the finance industry.

It takes hard work and an open mind. But because the CFA designation could give me so much, I figured I'd work hard to gain what it offers.

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