or a Narrated CFA Success Story of Someone Like You

Narrated CFA Success Story of Someone Like You

If you are interested in the CFA certification, these are the questions you must be asking yourself. Read our answers composed into a narrated CFA success story. It’s informative, compelling and above all motivating!

CHAPTER 1: What is CFA?

When I chose finance as my path in life, I set out to become a CFA charterholder one day. Earning the CFA designation certifies professional knowledge, skills and ethical grounding. [READ MORE]

CHAPTER 2: How Hard Is the CFA Certification to Get?

There are lots of requirements to be met – before enrolling in the CFA Program and after passing the CFA exam. When I finally succeeded in my CFA level 3 exam, I still wasn’t eligible for my CFA charter. [READ MORE]

CHAPTER 3: What Is the CFA Exam and How to Go About It?

I had to sit 3 levels of the CFA exam. Every time I studied for my exam I needed to think differently as for the contents I was to learn and skills I was to acquire. [READ MORE]

CHAPTER 4: How Hard Is the CFA Exam?

Whether CFA exam is difficult as a test depends on how ready you are to take it. Every level differs from the previous and requires different skills. CFA pass rates fluctuate around 45%. [READ MORE]

CHAPTER 5: Why Not Become a CFA Charterholder? Is It Worth the Effort?

My life changed not only when I earned my CFA designation. Every level of the CFA exam was a milepost on my career path. A complete game-changer. A boost. [READ MORE]

The story is fictitious, though much enlightening and entertaining. Any apparent resemblance to living or deceased CFA candidates, members or charterholders is purely coincidental.