Become Soleadea University Ambassador

If you are interested in finance and you feel that you can make people see how to reach for new opportunities, YOU are the person we are looking for.

This is an initiative for leaders – students who know how to win over people and are not afraid of challenges. It is a great chance to make good use of your skills, challenge yourself and add a well-earned entry to your résumé!

Is that worth it?

Definitely IT IS. Not only do you satisfy your ambitions, develop your skills and shape your career path, but also gain some special advantages, such as:

  • Deluxe Account with a 95% discount,
  • Some extra profit (for each user you encourage to make a purchase),
  • Work in a multinational team,
  • Letter of recommendation at the completion of your term,
  • Start-up experience,
  • Possible visits of Soleadea Team members at your university (mentorship).

How do you do that?

You carry out an action plan that brings Soleadea to your university. The means of carrying out the plan include social media and marketing campaigns promoting Soleadea events. We would be also happy to start collaboration with campus organizations. Your equally important mission will be to help Soleadea Team better understand the needs of potential CFA candidates, so that we can tailor our offer to the expectations.

Apply and reach for your goals

What we are looking for is enthusiasm, creativity and energy in action! We search for students from all over the world. Apply for the 2016 school year using the form below: