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When to Register
before CFA Exam

CFA registration is a whole process. You can make it work for you as soon as you realize it starts the moment you decide to pursue your CFA exam. CFA registration is not only about entering the list of candidates and paying for the exam. It is also strongly linked with the CFA Program entrance requirements, CFA scholarships available to many or the responsibility you accept as a CFA candidate when you register for your exam.

CFA Requirements: Can I Enter the Program?

To be able to enroll in the list of CFA candidates and sit for your first CFA exam, you must have:



a bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree or be a final-year student.

4 years of professional work experience (investment related or not).

a combination of professional work experience and education totaling 4 years.

Note that residents of Syria, Cuba, North Korea and the Crimea region of the Ukraine, as well as Specially Designated Nationals are prohibited from participating in the CFA Program in accordance with the OFAC Compliance Policy.

CFA Registration Step by Step

To register for your CFA exam, you first need to create an account at the CFA Institute website. Usually, it’s done just before actual registration to the exam. However, if you’re eligible for CFA Access Scholarship or Women’s Scholarship, you will need to register at the CFA Institute website much earlier to be able to submit your scholarship application.

When should I register & pay if I apply for my scholarship?
CFA Scholarships: When? How?

Check if you can apply for a CFA scholarship before you register for your exam.

Next step of your CFA registration involves fee payment. You have to register for the exam you want to sit for (example: CFA Level 1, June 2019) and pay relevant fees. Your CFA exam cost will depend on when exactly you decide to register. There are 3 registration fee deadlines. Every deadline means an increase in cost:

early registration fee deadline CFA exam cost*: USD 650

standard registration fee deadline CFA exam cost*: USD 950

final registration fee deadline CFA exam cost*: USD 1,380

*Additionally, if you register for your first CFA Level 1 exam you have to pay one-time enrollment fee of USD 450. The amount is the same regardless of the CFA registration deadline you choose.

CFA fees:

** Limited fee refund availability is regulated by the CFA Program Refund Policy.

The moment you pay for your first CFA Level 1 exam, you enter the CFA Program. It means you accept responsibilities that go hand in hand with your candidacy. During your registration, you are asked to agree to the provisions of Candidate Agreement. It specifies for example possible exam violations and relevant testing policies but it also tells you when your exam can be deferred. You must also submit your Professional Conduct Statement upon your first CFA exam registration and then annually and before every next exam registration.

Always submit your Professional Conduct Statement on time or you will be excluded from the CFA Program.

The decision about entering the CFA Program can be a long-lasting process. You may decide you will take your CFA exam in the future but it may not be the near one. Life often verifies our hopes and postpones our plans. But even if you do not manage to register for the nearest CFA exam, it’s worth registering at a CFA learning portal like Soleadea the moment you set CFA exam as your future goal. At Soleadea, there is no registration fee and instead you gain access to valuable contents, apps and study materials. You also join Soleadea society made of people like you. With the same challenge ahead and the same struggle meanwhile.

My 1st CFA Registration: Steps to Follow

1. register with CFA Institute

apply for the CFA scholarship you’re eligible for

2. register for your CFA level 1 exam:

wait for your scholarship if you apply

pay your enrollment fee + due registration fee

note 3 registration fee deadlines;
scholarship application makes certain deadlines unavailable [LEARN MORE]

read and accept your Candidate Agreement + submit your Professional Conduct Statement

3. register at Soleadea – consider making it STEP 1

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