December 2018 CFA Fees - Don't You Overpay...

CFA exam / Registration / Fees

CFA fees 2017

The CFA fees include:

  • one-time program enrollment fee (CFA level 1 only; USD 450), and
  • exam registration fee (all levels).

The exam registration fee depends on when you register for the exam. See below for details.

CFA Fees: Exam Registration




Early registration

USD 650

until 14 March 2018

Standard registration

USD 950

until 22 August 2018

Late registration

USD 1,380

until 12 September 2018

It All Starts With Your CFA Study Plan


CONTROL your CFA calendar using WEEKLY study schedules

Learn about the CFA exam cost reduction down to $250 available to those eligible for the CFA Access Scholarship or to $350 available to those eligible for the CFA Awareness Scholarship.

My 1st CFA Registration: Steps to Follow

1. register with CFA Institute

apply for the CFA scholarship you’re eligible for

2. register for your CFA level 1 exam:

wait for your scholarship if you apply

pay your enrollment fee + due registration fee

note 3 registration fee deadlines;
scholarship application makes certain deadlines unavailable [LEARN MORE]

read and accept your Candidate Agreement + submit your Professional Conduct Statement

3. register at Soleadea – consider making it STEP 1

Sign up at Soleadea & Set up FREE Study Plan
Set up FREE Study Plan

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