CFA Slack Group Opens Now!

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It’s a fact. LinkedIn, Facebook, or WhatsApp study groups do not work too well.

We know this because we tried them all.

LinkedIn study groups are either too big and then it’s hard to follow discussions, or too small with no discussion at all.

Facebook study groups are ineffective for the very same reasons PLUS they’re often spammed and provide plenty of distractors.

WhatsApp study groups can be a good solution when you communicate with your friends or colleagues. But you may want to think twice about sharing your mobile number with people you know nothing about. Besides, WhatsApp offers the mobile experience mainly.

Of course, there are still traditional forums but they fail to support real-time communication and collaboration and are a nuisance to use on a cell phone.

Is there really no hope for a good enough CFA study group?
We give you a SOLUTION that rocks:
a CFA study group on Slack.

Slack is a new and superb real-time messaging and collaborating tool worth $3.8 billion in Spring 2016 and it’s free. Initially, it was intended for team collaboration but it occurs it’s also great for community development. If you haven’t heard about Slack yet, watch this short video:

Join the fastest growing learning community of CFA candidates!

Now you can simply:

Focus on your studying

Learning from other people is one of the best ways of broadening one’s horizons. That’s why cooperating within a CFA study group can be really powerful. By joining the group, you can take part in discussions with other CFA candidates: you can both learn from others and share what you know. Either way, it’s the right way to advance your knowledge.

Boost your motivation

The key exam-time ally you can (and SHOULD) gain is your motivation. It helps you carry on with your CFA exam prep persistently. And what’s better for enhancing your motivation than active peer cooperation? If you see other people studying, your inner voice tells you to keep up the pace and study as well.

Forget about spam and distractors

In this new study group, there are a dozen or so channels to discuss exam topics. You choose the discussions you want to participate in. We also created a separate channel where we’d like to tell you about our special offers. If you’re not interested in some of the channels created, just mute them and you’ll get no notifications about their activity.

Meet other CFA candidates

People from all around the world gathered in one place to talk about one and the same thing: CFA exam. The way you can benefit from such an exchange of both knowledge and experience may not have even crossed your mind yet. After all, preparing for the CFA exam is not only about learning the study content.

Collaborate in real-time

Slack offers free apps on iOS and Android. So, even if your desktop or laptop is not around, you can still keep track of what’s going on. You get your notifications and can access the group anytime, anyplace.

Navigate and search easily

It’s all well-organized. There are open channels and threads. Or you can start your private discussion. What is more, the whole posted content is searchable. So, if you’re looking for some answers, just search for them. It’s probable that someone else had already the same kind of problem before.

Participation in the study group is free.

But it’s precious if you spread the news. If you want to join the CFA study group on Slack, please like and share the information about the study group on Facebook and/or LinkedIn and/or Twitter.

The group can (and WILL) expand quickly if you let others know about it. Think of 3 people you can tell about this new initiative and send them the link to this page. Maybe a friend of yours? A colleague? Some online contact you developed while studying for the exam? Really, anybody who might be interested in joining this free CFA study group is worth their weight in gold. Because the CFA Slack group opens now and grows as fast as you and other CFA candidates join it.

To join the group, fill in the short form below so that we can send you an invitation.

Please note that if you opt for Slack-related communications only, you will receive no other messages from us but the Slack-related ones. Additionally, we never share your e-mail with anyone else. We take these commitments seriously.