June 2017 CFA Level 2 Mock Exam

CFA Level 2 Mock Exam

As a CFA level 2 candidate, you are certainly aware of how important it is to test your knowledge before the exam to be able to suceed when success is what you desire. Thanks to taking our mock exam, you will find out which topics you excel at and which topics still need a drill.

June 2017 CFA level 2 mock exam

We offer you:

a reliable and easily-accessible full CFA level 2 mock exam including timekeeping and after-exam statistics. What is more, our mock exam has the best quality to price ratio. Interested? Learn more below .

Taking CFA mock exam

Why should I choose Soleadea
CFA level 2 mock exam?

  • it's a full-time mock (2 sessions, 3 hours each),
  • includes 20 CFA level 2 item sets and the answer key with explanations,
  • is based on the CFA Curriculum and LOSes and follows CFA rules for exam questions,
  • offers timekeeping and statistics,
  • comes at an affordable price (USD 33).

You can write the test anytime you want. You choose the day that suits you best. Do the whole test in 8 consecutive hours (3 hours of the morning session, 2 hours for a brake and 3 hours of the afternoon session) or take the sessions any time you want with a more flexible break :).

What kind of stats do I get?

  • Overall score, and
  • Topics comparison, plus
  • Statistics are available right after you take the mock.

What’s the idea behind our price policy?

  • We believe that everyone should have equal chances to test themselves before they take their real CFA exam. That is why we give you a high-standard mock exam at a price affordable to you.
  • We set the price of the mock at USD 33.

June 2017 CFA level 2 mock exam

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