CFA level 1 June 2013 Study Plan

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Basic information:

  1. Starting date: 2 January 2013
  2. Ending date (by which all readings, as well as all exercises included in the CFA® Curriculum and/or in prep providers’ materials should be completed): 5 May 2013
  3. The whole month of May should be devoted to reviewing material and doing sample and mock exams.

The sequence of topics to follow together with respective deadlines is given in the table below:

Study Plan

*The number of pages in the CFA® Curriculum related to a given topic.

**Free summaries (presentations) on each topic will be prepared by Soleadea Team and will become available on our website around the expected date given in the table.

As far as the sequence of topics is concerned, we suggest two major changes comparing to the CFA® Curriculum:

  1. Firstly, we propose that Portfolio Management be covered directly after Quantitative Methods (due to the concepts of mean and variance present in both topics).
  2. Secondly, we suggest that you cover Derivatives prior to Equity and Fixed Income in order to gain some knowledge of derivative instruments (understanding options covered in the book on Derivatives is important for Fixed Income readings).

Last but not least, Ethics should be read and reviewed systematically at breaks from other topics, so to say. Acquiring the Ethics material at a high level is significant at the Level I exam because of the so-called ethics adjustment.

Soleadea Summaries

Ethical and Professional Standards

Quantitative Methods

Portfolio Management

In the table below, some additional statistics essential for CFA® preparations are presented:

Stats Table

*This information has been derived from: CFA® level 1 topic area weights.

**10 stands for the most difficult topic. The level of difficulty has been determined on the basis of the responses given in the survey by the Level 1 June 2012 exam candidates who passed the exam: and surveys made by Soleadea Team.

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My name is Miguel and I started a couple of months studying for Level 1. The reason is that I work full-time and thus I have to prepare in advance.

Greetings for your blog, I think it is a very good idea worth sharing.

I have taken a look to the study plan and I want to give some opinion about it.
First of all I think it makes sense ordering the topics as you did excepto for one, Ethics. Don´t you think that Ethics should be in another position, not the first one? Take into account this is the first contact you have with CFA and Ethics is the most important part of the exam, at least is the one that makes the difference, plus it is theoretical at all, worth memorizing and maybe a student will forget it sooner than other topics.

In my opinion, one should start with the topic that he/she thinks can at least have some knowledge about, so to start positively thinking that you have some background in CFA. What do you think?

Regards, I will defenitalety follow and try to colaborate as much as possible in the blog.

Hello Miguel, thank you for your opinion. You made a good point concerning the sequence of topics. Surely starting with the most favourite topic is to be encouraged. As for ethics, because it is so important at the Level I exam, we think it should be read early enough to be reviewed now and again between other topics. We are happy that you found our portal useful and we are looking forward to hearing from you again.

Excellent and most simple way to pass CFA.......thanks a lot for making it simple....


What is the "Number of Pages to Cover" referring to? the curriculum or only the Schewsar Notes? E.g for Ethics it says 237 Pages, which pages is this referring to?

"Number of Pages to Cover" is referring to the CFA Curriculum.

Thanks for all the useful information on the Soledea blog. I like this study plan a lot. I am preparing now for Level 1 in Dec. I have already done Quantitative Methods and have started on Corporate F/Portfolio. However, it took me quite awhile to get thru QM due to time constraints. Would a reasonable plan be to just cut all the above in half, in other words, 28 study days and 8-9 pages per day on Ethics, etc? Thanks!!

Good website, will you be posting a Decmber 2013 study plan too?


Yes, next week we will post a study plan for December 2013 candidates.

Hello, Thanks a lot for this very valuable resource. I have a question regarding the 5 month study schedule. In your notes regarding topic sequence, you mention that Derivatives should be completed prior to Equity and Fixed Income. This isn't reflected in the study order in the table, but only in the dates. Is there a reason for this? Thanks again. Regards, Yehia
You are right the order in the table has mixed somehow. This study plan was prepared for June 2013 candidates. We are preparing a new one and we will release it next week. Keep in touch!
I am considering taking the CFA Level 1 Exam this June. I missed the first registration. I have some questions that I will be glad if you could answer for me. 1. I read it cost between $2500-$8500. Why the range. Can you please break it down for me. 2. I applied to pursue MSc and deferred it last year because of financial reasons. If I start the CFA Level 1, can I take time off to pursue the MSc and later come back and continue with Levels 2 and 3 3. If I dont continue to Levels 2 and 3 and come back later to complete, do I have to start from Level 1 again? I would be glad to hear from you on the above.