CFA Claritas

Have you already heard about the new global education program launched by CFA® Institute? Watch a short prezi presentation about the Claritas® Investment Certificate.

The Claritas® Investment Certificate – does it ring a bell?

Have you already heard about the new global education program launched by CFA Institute? The Claritas® Investment Certificate has been designed to benefit both employees and organizations and the whole industry by raising workforce efficiency, competence, and standards across a wide variety of professional disciplines. Claritas® gives professionals the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the purpose of the industry and their professional responsibilities within it. The Certificate is open to all and there is no education or experience requirement, besides one informal demand – fluency in English.

CFA Claritas® Candidates

In particular, it is addressed to those in the financial services industry who work in association with investment decision makers. The following departments are included:

  • Administration and Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Client Services
  • Compliance and Legal
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Investor Relations
  • Public Relations

Claritas® Exam

For those who may be interested in obtaining the Claritas® Investment Certificate: I. the Course of Study is organized into seven modules: 1. Industry overview, 2. Ethics and regulation, 3. Tools and inputs, 4. Investment instruments, 5. Industry structure, 6. Industry controls, 7. Serving clients’ needs. II. it takes approximately 100 hours of self-study to pass the exam. A self-study modular program involves supporting study tools, such as an interactive e-book (also available in print), motivational multimedia videos, end-of-chapter questions, practice questions and mock exam. The learners can study in their own time according to their own schedule. The exam itself lasts two hours and includes 120 multiple choice questions. III. the program costs USD 685 per individual registration and includes the registration fee, access to all study materials mentioned above, and one exam sitting. There are also some discounts for bulk registrations. To read more, visit:

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